Our rebranding of this organic wine leader resulted in sales growth of 30% after one year.  
When leading organic wine Bonterra reached a plateau, they needed solid strategy and breakthrough execution to revitalize and refocus their brand.


MEET OUR GROUNDSKEEPER.  At Bonterra, we grow wine organically and sustainably, treating the land with deep respect. Instead of spraying our vineyards with chemicals, we let chickens scratch and peck amid the vines, gobbling up insect pests and aerating the soil naturally as they go. They enjoy a banquet of bugs, and you get pure, flavorful wine made from our organically grown grapes.


Bonterra is located in beautiful Humboldt County, where the terrain is ideal for grape growing. Bonterra follows the tradition of biodynamic farming and sustainable growing practices, uniquely utilizing nature’s genius at every step in the process. To ensure Bonterra wine would stand out in the saturated wine category, our strategy included a mix of arresting imagery blended with a story to showcase both the careful process of growing organic grapes and the ultimate result, which is great tasting wine. Unexpected visuals and emotionally focused content told the story of how Bonterra’s sustainable growing practices elevate the quality and flavor of their wine.
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