We blended the craft of winemaking with a focus on music to launch a new brand and capture a new target audience for Fetzer.
Fetzer needed to bring a new product line to life. We knew the best way to capture the attention of younger wine enthusiasts was to tell a story in a way they had never heard before.


Our campaign to launch the new Crimson & Quartz brands followed our supremely successful relaunch of the Fetzer brand. Crimson is red, Quartz is white, and both wines are smooth, sociable, well blended and slightly non-traditional—a perfect for reaching new wine enthusiasts. To extend the brand strategy of handcrafted wine, we developed an ad campaign and music events plan to effectively target a younger wine-drinking audience while maintaining essential elements that tell the story of the care and craft Fetzer brings to winemaking. We even filmed a video that captured the labor of love that built our final ad. It was the perfect introduction to two new wines that rock.
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