We took Fetzer from a slump to 30% sales growth with a revitalization that helped the brand regain its footing.
Fetzer, the oldest sustainable winery in California, needed a partner to help revitalize and rebuild their once-leading brand and to support the transition to their new owner, Concha y Toro.


At Fetzer, we capture the beauty of California in every bottle. Combining sustainable winemaking techniques with time-honored California traditions, we carefully craft our award-winning wines in balance with nature, creating layers of inviting flavors that are as timeless as California itself.


When we learned that Fetzer was the first sustainable winery in California and that the same care and craft is still used today to produce their quality wines, we knew the optimal strategy was to illuminate the handicraft and time honored traditions of California winemaking. The challenge was how to differentiate Fetzer and express the beauty of California wine country without falling back on the standard imagery of rolling vineyards or wine barrels. We solved the issue with an approach that compared the craft of winemaking to the beautifully unique art of papermaking. We built a revitalization campaign around the concept of Vintage California and used paper art quilling and the standout headline Beautifully Crafted to communicate the care and craft that goes into creating Fetzer wines. Voila, an eye-catching campaign that’s unique in its space and evokes the beauty of California without trite overtures.
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