Kindred partnered with Pottery Barn leadership to develop an updated, aspirational and own-able brand positioning.
Applying Kindred’s BrandTruth process, we worked with senior management to craft a compelling brand strategy to help guide this iconic home furnishings brand amidst a changing retail landscape.

Kindred was tasked to develop a fresh and relevant positioning (or “North Star”) for Pottery Barn – a mature, well-known brand existing in a highly dynamic marketplace. We applied our tried-and-true BrandTruth process to uncover Pottery Barn’s mission, positioning, target personas, personality and benefits. Through a series of disciplined and collaborative workshops with senior leadership, we were able to articulate the brand’s unique value proposition. The output of the BrandTruth process was a brand positioning and strategy that helped to galvanize the larger organization, inform brand decisions, and ultimately connect emotionally with Pottery Barn customers, old and new. The BrandTruth process is a streamlined approach that can transform your business and act as a major catalyst for growth. The partners at Kindred have successfully led this process for clients of all sizes, stages, and industries.
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