"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." — Albert Einstein, noted adman and product developer.

At Kindred, we look for opportunities to innovate and disrupt in everything we do—from design, to ads, to product development, platforms, new markets, and marketing strategies; we revel in developing innovative, disruptive ideas that push businesses, people and brands forward.

We work collectively with many pioneering and disruptive companies. Our client engagements support a culture of innovation at Kindred, and we also actively collaborate on our own innovation initiatives. In other words, we practice what we preach.

Clif Bar Bike Initiative
We took on the challenge of thinking “outside the bike” when we were asked to create concepts for Clif Bar’s commitment to the bike initiative. Our breakout ideas focused on how to make the most impact environmentally and to best showcase Clif Bar’s goal to protect the places we play.
CamelBak Kids’ Bottles

CamelBak wanted to expand their growing bottle market to reach moms who wanted a better hydration option for their kids. We know quite a few things about this market, so we worked with the team to review a trend analysis of the current marketplace, developed a go-to-market strategy and executed the first line of products including product colors, graphics and packaging.

Fetzer Ideation Initiative

With a blue-sky attitude toward some hot market segments, we have been tasked with creating a line of wine-based products, including naming, packaging, and flavor profiles. 

CamelBak Eddy

For CamelBak’s newest product we started with naming and product colorways and graphics. We then designed an innovative and low-cost packaging structure that minimized waste. We also solved the long-term merchandising challenge of how to ensure bottles remained upright at shelf. 

CookTop Music App

Digital music rocks! Digital music sucks! Do you miss the crackle of shrink-wrap, the smell of fresh vinyl, the liner notes, lyrics and album credits? We do. We think the digital music experience leaves much to be desired. That’s why we are developing an App for music fans to dive deeper into their listening and immerse themselves in the music they love. We are also helping artists and other contributors to connect with fans and get proper credit for their work.


Founded by Hopelab, Zamzee is a revolutionary activity meter that gets tweens moving and rewards them for their activity with online games and prizes. Zamzee hired us to help them develop their product ID and packaging. We researched color trends for the fickle teen market and came up with a “hot” color ID that was appealing and cool to the younger set as well as stand-out retail packaging to get the attention of moms.