Why We Changed Our Name

Why change your name if your business is growing? This was a question we asked ourselves during our Autumn Strategy Conference.

The answer? For many reasons actually. As we dug into the topic, we decided to treat ourselves like we treat our clients and ask the tough questions: What do we stand for, how are we different, and how do we compare to the sea of competition?

#1: The first telltale sign was that nobody on our team cared about the Formium brand. That might sound harsh, but people were completely indifferent. A lot of, “It’s ok, it does the job.” We often tell our clients that you can have any name and succeed, but names that have no cultural meaning (Unisys or Syntego for instance) have to work harder to stay memorable.

#2: Too many people cannot pronounce (or spell) Formium. How many times have I been to an event were people can’t remember the name, get nervous to say it, or mumble it and butcher the pronunciation completely? Not good for an organization that lives and breathes brands.

#3: We knew we hadn’t been sharing our story well. Our website was outdated, the technology didn’t support best practices and our marketing materials didn’t reflect our full-service capabilities. We had planned to overhaul our own brand–now was the time to tell the world that we are more than just designers, or advertisers, or brand strategists.

#4: The biggest problem was that “Formium” does not reflect our big, important points of difference: outstanding strategy and creativity, being in partnership and collaborating with our clients. We strongly believe in creativity and how it connects people, brands and the world. We want a name that expresses that connection–and Kindred does just that with it’s definition: “being part of a tribe, having the same belief, attitude or feeling”. Ultimately we thrive on making the most human-to-human connection possible for the people and brands we bring together.

So we decided if we are going to tell our honest, authentic story…it will start with our name. A name that expresses the warmth, humanness, dedication and creative spirit we bring to the table.  Say hello to Kindred, we hope you enjoy the ride with us.

Yours truly,

Monika Rose



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